Walkers Shortbread

We designed the packaging for the new look Weight Watchers biscuits recently created by Walkers Shortbread, as a licensee of the Weight Watchers brand.

As you can see from the variety of work on display, we have been responsible for the design, photography and artwork of a wide selection of biscuits and cookies within this range.

The Weight Watchers Custard and Bourbon Creams product line was a really interesting brief for us as we not only created the packaging, but also developed the design of the biscuits.

Our focus was to make sure that the product was recognisable as the tea-time treats we’ve all come to know and love, whilst devising a concept that would help keep the calorie count down.

So we used the classic patterns of the custard and bourbon creams, but rather than sticking to the traditional sandwich structure, we designed single biscuits with a section of cream in the centre.

The branding of the outer packaging was created in-line with the newly updated branding guidelines, which we were also responsible for. As well as meeting the requirements of Walkers Shortbread, our packaging design must also be approved by Weight Watchers as the licensed brand.